Coloring Visions of Heaven 

Create Space To Call Your Own and Celebrate Your Faith Through COLOR!

This coloring book is perfect for:

  • A Daily Devotional 
  • A Christmas, Easter or Birthday Gift of Faith
  • Bible Study Groups
  • Those Who are Hospitalized or Home-Bound
  • People Who Are Tense And Need Relaxation
  • Unhappy Folk Who Need An Uplifting Activity
  • Unfortunate Souls Questioning Their Faith
  • Or Even The Incarcerated That Have Found the Word of God
May my meditation be pleasing to him, as I rejoice in the LORD.
Psalm 104:34

Take time out of your busy day.  Quiet your mind.  Deep breath in….. Exhale slowly.  
​Find Peace.  Color.

This coloring book celebrates the Word though sacred windows of churches throughout the world.  Some are shown as you might find them in the sanctuary; others are adorned with complex zentanges to entertain your hand and eye.  All are meant to evoke the Spirit as you color them and find solace in quotes from the Bible and meditations to dwell upon throughout the book.

Coloring Visions of Heaven is a positive and therapeutic means to quiet your busy brain through coloring beginner to expert level detailed images. While feeling the scratch of the pencil underhand and hearing nothing but the silence around you, be mindful and focus on your faith and your relationship with God and his son Jesus Christ. Contemplate his gospel through inspirational Bible verses and directed messages to reflect upon which accompany each picture.

Colouring books for adults are a wonderful way to unwind and release stress. For many grownups, it is a creative outlet that provides a calming state of meditation. For others, it’s a wonderful way to spend quality family time with your kids who also love to color. What better way to share your Christian faith with your children than to discuss a beautiful scene inspired by the Holy Bible and a relevant Bible quotation!​

Pages As Art + Gifts

Frame Your Beautifully Colored Art!

All of the images in this book are formatted to fit beautifully in an 8×10 frame for displaying your art or gifting it to a favorite friend or family member.

Great for:

  • Birthday gifts
  • Christmas presents
  • Easter gifts
  • Wedding gifts
  • Mother’s Day Keepsakes
  • Father’s Day
  • Parents and Grandparents
  • Baptisms
  • Confirmation gifts
  • First Communion gifts
  • Newborn Babies
  • Illustrated Inspirational Sayings
  • Sympathy gifts
  • Something Special for A Friend
  • And So Much More…

Want to make the gift even more personal? Cut out your divinely colored window, select an appropriate verse from the large number of Bible quotes provided at the back of the book, then mount them both on foam core over colored paper (or a photograph) to lend a stunning 3D effect to your art. 

Nothing is as wonderful as giving a handmade gift of faith.

Why Adults Need Coloring Books

Coloring books for kids have been around forever. I'm sure all of us remember as a child coloring cute animals or favorite characters from TV. Curious why coloring books for adults are so trendy on an international scale right now? Allow me to provide a little insight into this very popular phenomenon.

It's Calming

Much of this coloring book movement takes place in response to the hectic pace our lives as adults have taken. We are all over-worked, stressed out and frankly, just need a break! The television is always on. The computer is always on. Our phones are always on. There is distraction everywhere. Even when we take a break, our brains are being fed enormous amount of input from every direction. Coloring is the escape.

It's Therapeutic

When you color, you unplug yourself. You step back from the digital world of beeps and boops and enter a calming state where your mind can focus on just one thing. It's mindless. It's colorful. Research shows it engages the right-side of your brain, allowing the logic-driven left-side time to rest and recuperate while the creative side takes over for a while. Coloring is a fabulous way to settle down that busy brain and prepare for the evening and a restful night's sleep. Producing art has a healing power that is drug-free and quite affordable!

It's Physical not Virtual

Moreover, coloring gives you the ability to create something you can actually touch. Something you can look at and say, I did that! or I love how those flowers turned out! These days so much of what we make is in a computer with no footprint in the modern world. Many of us haven't even printed out our photos in years! Coloring provides a creative, PRODUCTIVE outlet unique in the world today.

It's Perfect With Others

Coloring is a wonderful activity that can be shared with children and adults alike. What a wonderful way to connect with your children: coloring! Enjoy coloring again. Make that sky purple! Make that grass blue! When you color, you can restore your link to your childhood and the creative wonder you had. With Coloring Visions of Heaven, you can even share your faith with your children as you both color and spend some quality family time together. Talk with them about what you believe and who is represented in the beautiful window you are coloring. Share the stories of the Bible as you both reach for the same crayon.

Coloring is also a great way to spend time with adults! Use a page and its accompanying verse as a starting point for a Bible Study or Church group. Chatting while coloring is an excellent way to stay focused on a topic and has been shown through research as a means for those who fidget to concentrate on group discussions.

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